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Did you know that a building can Energize or Drain us?!


As we are living in a fast changing world and our daily schedule is packed, we need to find a way to revitalize our body, mind & soul. We believe strongly that a vital building with a high ‘Feel-Good’ factor will make us happy and touch our hearts and will energize us and supports our wellbeing so we can keep our balance to live a successful and vital life.


We advise private and corporate clients to transform their work & living environment into High Vitality Buildings with a noticeable Positive Energy flow, called Prana or Qi, that inspires and energize us and have an empowering effect on our business and our personal wellbeing.


The strength of our knowledge is an innovative and visionary combination of functional (evidence based) and holistic (Qi-mag Feng Shui) principles with the latest state of the art buildingbiology techniques to create a vitalizing work and living environment.
If you have a good feeling about our knowledge and want to know more please mail us on info@dynamicspaces.nl or send a Whats-app message 0031652350888.


How do we work?
We first make a Quick-Scan analyses to find visible and invisible stress factors in buildings and interiors.
With our practical and proven solutions we create an Empowering, High Vitality ‘Feel-Good’ building were people and companies can reach there targets and be more successful.


What are the effects of a Vitality Building consultation?
For Companies and Organisations the effect is an enhanced employees satisfaction with a higher productivity rate (up to 20%!!), lower absenteism (down with 50%) and empowered management. This has an immediate positive influence on the company profitability and on the succesfactor of a company.


For private homes, the harmonic setting will result in a vital, ANTI-AGING Feel-Good home that will increase the body-mind-soul balance. With a positive ‘life-drive’ the empowered habitants will realise their life goals faster and therefore will be more successful.


For Hotels and Resorts our Vitality advices results in low-stress, SLEEP-WELL bedrooms for ultimate wellbeing. The outstanding feel-good buildings, interiors and landscaping makes the guests stay a memorable blizz experience. This ensures a high occupation rate.


For Property development companies we can make Vitality concepts for the GOLDEN-PLAN that will make your project appealing and attractive for potential investors and end users. Our Vitality concepts will enhance the property value and make the development projects more profitable and more successfull.


For Private clinics and Hospitals our Vitality concepts helps to create a HEALING ENVIRONMENT that will have a positieve effect on the wellbeing and recovery time of patients.


If you want to know more, please contact us at info@dynamicspaces.nl.