Dynamic Spaces CEO: Aniel Ramjanam:
Aniel was born in Surinam, South America. He graduated in Architecture and Building Enginering at the famous University of Delft in the Netherlands.

During his work as an architect in the Netherlands and Surinam, he specialized in designing waterfront residences, office buildings and hotels. He became fascinated by the impact of the building environment on the wellbeing of people. ‘Feel-Good, sustainable, healthy and People friendly buildings that vitalize people in a harmonious setting, became his passion.

In 1996 he discovered the knowledge of Feng Shui as the ultimate practical knowledge to create vitalising ‘Feel-Good’ landscapes, buildings and interiors which results in high vitality, pleasent buildings with a positive flow, where people are empowered, happy and healthy and therefore more successful in their daily business and life.
He is trained by Prof. Dr. Jes Lim as Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant & Senior Tao Master and he is professional partner of Vital Energi Consulting GMH of Germany. His standing Asian descent and European education is a perfect match for this ancient Oriental knowledge which is applied with modern Western solutions.

As an independent ‘Feel-Good’ building specialist, he advises private and business clients and designteams to make inviting, people friendly buildings & interiors that inspires and energizes the building users.
This innovative and unique knowledge of good Building Ergonomics is named: VITALITY BUILDING CONCEPTS!