We have a unique knowledge to analyze visible and invisible stress factors in building and interiors.
We assist corporate and private clients to reduce stress factors and to create an optimal building and interior setting where people and companies functions better in a people-friendly, sustainable and healthy ‘Feel-Good’ building.
The result is a stress free and Feel Good building where people are happy, perform better and are more successful!

Our Vitality Building concepts creats a natural balance between the users and there living and working environment. The combination of rational and holistic techniques is the knowledge of Qi-Mag Feng Shui, which is the cream of the crop among Feng Shui schools and is unique in the world:

We focus on the following stressfactors:
– Building related: human unfriendly building concepts creates sick buildings like poor lay out and routing
– Interior related: (toxic) materials, finishing, colours, lighting, scents etc.
– Vital living related: low oxygen (unhealthy) air quality, furnuture arrangement, working stations and vital bedrooms
– Electro-smog related: electro-smog caused by electrical equipment, socket positions, radiation etc.
– Earth energies related: geomantic stress factors caused by waterlines, fault line and human history like cemetery, battlefields etc.

We integrate the following techniques and knowledges in our services to create a Vitality Building:
– Feng Shui: Optimal building, environment and interior
– Geomanc: effects of earth energies
– Building Biology, sustainable buildings with natural materials and reducing electro-smog
– Personal fine tuning: building and interior are balanced with the ‘energy’ of the habitants
– Personal Coaching: To enhance personal development, growth and inner balance

If you want to live of work in a ‘Feel-Good’ building, please contact us at info@dynamicspaces.nl