With our Vitality Building consultations we assist companies, hotel organisations, real estate investors and privat clients to create a Well Building and make their buildings and homes more user (people) friendly with a ‘Feel-Good’ and healthy work and living environment.

We offer the following Services:
Quick-Scan: for every type of building
We first make a strong-weakness Quick-Scan analyses of the location, the building and interior to find visible and invisible stress factors that has a negative effect on the buildingusers.The Quick-Scan makes the positive and negative aspects of the building visible for companies, hotels, property developers, investors and private homes owners.

Vitality Homes & Personal vitalisation:
For private homes we can reduce stress factors and adjust the living environment to the personal energies of the inhabitants to realise a harmonic living environment where body, mind and soul can revitalize.
With special techniques we can transform personal blockages so people we be more empowered and driven to become more successful in life.
A vitalized house has a positive, anti-aging effect on the body (interesting for celebrities) and enhances the healing process after injuries (interesting for sportsmen like soccerplayers).

Empowering Building Vitalisation:
For offices, (hotel)companies, shopping malls, clinics and private clients
With the Quick-Scan results we offer practical proven solutions to transform the existing Sick Building into a Vitality ‘healthy’ Building. We are very proud to mention that we are the only organisation in the world who combines the knowlegde of Qi-mag Feng Shui with the knowledge of Geomancy and Buildingbiology.

Vitality Property Development: for property developers, investors and end users
We can create the ‘golden plan’ to make a project successful (apealing and attractive) for potential investors and end users. This innovative and unique Vitality concepts is adjusted to the local environmental conditions and quality of the land and specific Geomantic factors related to natural energy flows of mother earth.
Our innovative approach will increase the property value and profitablity. We are convinced that Vitality Buildings or Well Buildings will become the new trend for successful projectdevelopment!

Building Vitality Rating: for Real estate investors and end users
We have developed an unique Well Building rating system to review buildings on user(people)friendliness, healty interiors and ‘feel good’ factor. Buildings receive a rating on a scale of 0-100%, a higher rating means a higher Building Vitality. Buildings with a high Vitality Rating increases the successfactor of a company and Ensure longlasting lease contracts. This is a new and unique international standard in the real estate branche!

Landvitalisation with the knowledge Geomancy of all types of building:
Geomancy is the knowledge of land-related energies which are caused by natural influences such as water lines and fault lines of the earth and human influences because of historical use of the earth like battlefields and cemeteries. These influences causes negative frequencies (energy) which has a disruptive influence on our well being. With stae of the art techniques and sound vibrations these negative frequencies can be transformed and neutralized. This results in an positive impact on the well being of building users and occupants.

If you want to know more about our services or invite us for a presentation please contact us at info@dynamicspaces.nl .