The Vital-Energi Quality Seal:
Dynamic Spaces introduceses in coorporation with Vital-Energi GmBh from Germany an uniqum in the Property branche: A Vitality-label for Buildings based on user(people) friendliness and a healthy ‘Feel-Good’ Buildings aspects !

The Vital-Energi Label is unique in the world because it is the first international standard that judges buildings on aspects such as optimal layout and routing, and electromagnetic loads, geomancy metaphysical factors.
It can be used in combination with all common building rating systems based on rational assumptions such as location, total m2, energy use, HAVC equipment, rental prices etc.

A Vitality Label can give an independent insight whether a building is appropriate for an organization according to the principles of Vitality Building:
The leasing of (office) buildings for the accommodation of their own company or organization
Purchasing of (office) buildings for (sustainable) property funds
Evaluating tool for new building designs

The quality label is world wide issued and controlled by Vital Energi Consutancy GmBH in Germany and works closely with reputable Building Biology Institutes in Germany and the Netherlands.

Dynamic Spaces is a professional partner of Vital Energi Consulting GmBH and is authorized to issue Vital Energi quality label.
The Vitality Building Rating can be issued on four levels: Diamond, Gold, Silver and Brons.

If you are interested in a Building Rating or a Vital-Energi Quality Seal, please contact us at: .